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When Maharishis said so Parvati remarked that those who are closely associated with him in the work would hinder him. She said that he will get away from the these evils by performing Karma Kanda. But strangely it may be noticed that no detailed profession was given after 50th year. Some astrological discussions are made. I did the prescribed remedial measures and I cannot vouchsafe that they really helped me, but generally the profession was.

Subsequently I went to him after my retirement but he said that my leaf of profession was not available which almost confirmed that I will not have any job later. The readings seem to be based on Saturn transit of 2 year in each rasi. The readings are crisp and straightforward.

Ravi nadi reader in Vasisthanadi in Vaitheeswarankoil on 27 June age 52 after the thumb impression and initial usual questions for general kanda, profession kanda and shanti kanda. General Kanda "Vasishta is narrating. You will be a torch bearer for others to lead a good life, you will get good concentration God's Bhakti without any lack your life will be prosperous and you will be always thinking about God also at 62d you will establish good contacts with holy people and big political and influential people without any fear you will lead good life, God's blessings will ever continue, but Pariharam is a must, Jnanamarg can be achieved due to your planetary position, your name will be remembered in many countries,you will earn money through many sources by 70 you will a mass wealth.

Always you will live comfortably with wife, son children family. Shanti Kanda "Vasishta is naratting, next poornima in Tanjore district, Ananda Mangalam Place, temple Anjaneya, deepam, archana, feeding poor people then come to nadi place, three fruits, three flowers, clothes to one male Dhoti towel and shirt and female saree and blouse Rs.

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Motilal Banarsidass Publisher of Delhi, India, assistants helping in computer astrology print outs, people coming in search of me, extension of present house, more research in astrology, meditations, nervous trouble wife's ill health etc, except for some funny astrological statement of "Kalatra Karaka in 7th and Jeevanakaraka Moon in Kendrasthana Makara Government job and engineering job "you will gain lot of income through y our new astrology" Since I get only very limited amount only. Here also the stress of the reading s seems to be more from transits of Saturn and Jupiter though touching the main dasa periods.

The readings are again very crisp and straightforward. I hope that further future readings will also agree. The remedial measures prescribed certain place and God in Tamilnadu and to give money and clothes to Nadi Reader. This seems of a bit of manipulation of reading.

I did not do the, specifically since I go usually to Anjaneya temple nearby my house. The future results are given from the date of consultation at certain ages and the timing of past events are not given. Another Vasishtanadi in Vastheeshwarankoil Here is another reading by the nadi reader, V. The birth chart is also given. Pariharam "Bowing down to Lord Eswara, he is telling the parihara. There is a difference in the life span and parihara mentioned, though it is also Vasistha Nadi but the reader is different. Here the ages of past events are given in more detail.

How truthful is Naadi Shastra or Nadi astrology?

I did not do the prescribed remedies as Durga temple also. It would not be very easy to correlate and predict the events specifically traditional astrological principles, as given by the Nadi reader. The voluntary retirement can be expected in Saturn-Venus period due to shashtashtaka 6thand 8th positions to each other , Saturn in 6th house of service and Venus is lagna lord in lagna giving self involvement and this combination is not considered good as per.

The publication of book can be expected in Saturn -Rahu period Since Saturn aspects 3rd house relating to writings and Rahu is in Jupiter Star connected to astrology. The study of transits of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu may reveal these events.

Anyway this would be only a postmortem analysis unless one is very thorough with his astrological principles and highly experienced to progress the chart very professionally to prefix that exact future events before the events occur. However, it would be highly impossible to tell the exact names.

Nadi astrologers taking you for a ride? | News - Times of India

Only at places recently at Hyderabad I was told that my leaf was not available and it should be got from Vaitheeswarankoil. Here are some of my brief reactions about the same; - After taking the thumb print, nobody asked me my date and time of birth no different appointments, nobody monitored behind the screen in other room, being an astrologer myself I was very careful not to give any clues. In the index scanning, leaf after leaf they asked whether moon star or lagna in chara or sthira or dwiswabhava rasi whether my name and names of wife and parents certain names after some God or Goddess or contained certain number of letter, sounds of letters whether present age is so and so whether coborns are so many numbers whether parents alive or dead, whether born certain seasons year month and dates etc Moon star etc etc They never asked the exact ones and I never told the exact ones till end.

Now the real trick to tell exactly about your date of birth, names co-borns etc comes into play. Even if an exact chart with degrees of planets given can an astrologer tell these purely from astrological principles may be if he is thorough with his subject highly experiences but definitely no as far as telling the exact names probably in names likely may sound unless he has got some extraordinary psychic powers.

Then how do they tell with a broad chart. The exact past events and names when the detailed charts of twins also differ. I did not check the twins' charts with them and it would be worthwhile to do that for this research. So at this stage there must be having some method to correct the available nearest chart to give your readings. I heard that they rewrite the leaves at certain intervals of time as per the coding and system mentioned in some introductory to such to the cycles of time I am not sure.

Or their recitation of some mantra would be enabling them to tell the events through some spirit. How did Sage Satyacharya write in Dhruvanadi a life pattern for each nadi amsha. Are these so-called nadi readers are conversant with intricacies of astrology at all. I interviewed with some of them with some astrological talk, while reading they said they did not know much of astrology and said they were trained for 10 to 12 years how to pick up and read the leaves.

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Even if you cannot answer some of his questions pertaining to astrological debut such as moon position, moon star, lagna position etc, and some times even your birth date and month year since you do not know your birth data and chart, the nadi fellow tells your date of birth, chart, exact names etc. So it seems to me that the linking the exact names play a vital role and you can easily see the veracity of this since another person with some chart cannot have the same names of theirs and parents. Even in twins with 3 minutes birth difference the names of twins differ but sound similar but with different charts, but same names of parents.

Being an astrologer I can easily see this whole process is to know the position of planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, Lagna for example if he asks whether I am 60 years old and I agree by working backwards from now the position of Saturn 2 years Jupiter 1 year Rahu and Ketu 1 yrs one approximately can know my birth year and their position at my birth year, If he asks whether I was born in rain season and I agree, sun position can be known approximately, similarly Moon position generally do not bother about the lagna that means birth time.

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They get satisfied with the approximate names also after some scanning. But still the whole chart is not known at this stage, these index leaves have got some linking charts to be picked up. Then they bring the leaf if available and give the whole chart exact date of birth, names, past events, future etc as a general Kandam and you will be impressed.

This is their training process and they generally do not agree for reading without thumbprint even if you want to give chart. They never give the degree portion of planets and lagna in the chart. So obviously other Vargas charts the nearest one which matches your past events since it is not possible to have records of all charts. On 31st May age 55 in Salem I tried to jot down points as the Nadi reader was reading leaf after leaf from the index bundles and he noticed and objected to the same.

Born Wednesday, lagna ubhaya lagna, father temple constructed, mother name starting with "pa. In 5th bundle of index leaves in about 15th leaf all the details about names, profession, lagna, rasi matched, the nadi reader told me when the thumb impressed would be connected to 5 to 12 bundles of General Kandam each bundle roughly containing about 50 leaves, any one of bundle and any one of leaf would be connected to you.


In fact the nadi reader got fed up reading so many leaves and after 3 bundles he refused to continue even, but upon my request he finally got it in 5th bundle ie. After reading about leaves an enormous strenuous job for both of us! Recently I had a funny experience while reading the index cards for my friend the nadi astrologer asked whether moon is in cancer in Aslesha and also asked about the approximate names of parents. We said the parents' names are correct, but the star is wrong. Then after some leaves, he again said the same parents names but with Pushyami star, which we again denied.

After some more leaves, he again said same names but with Punarvasu star and we agreed since we knew the star and the. If we do not know the exact moon star what leaf the nadi astrologer decides and he may choose the wrong leaf. If he is not patient to scan thoroughly to verify other past events and the readings can be wrong. So it is possible, that somebody might have been born with similar parents named but with different moon stars, such as in twins or otherwise also elsewhere in different places. In olden days, the names were given as per the letters sounds mentioned for moon stars, though nowadays nobody follows those rules to give names.

As far as I know there is none. Therefore, it is possible that the nadi astrologers propitiate some spirit to tell these exact names including exact past events, since they are not conversant with astrology thoroughly. Also I found that all the nadi astrologers would not tell exactly the same future and events remedial measures defending upon the nadi grantha they follow, through they tell the past correctly I presume that the same is time when they tell about the past life.

So these cannot be relied upon. You go to the same nadi reader after one year and take the readings again from the same nadi grantha, will he give the same readings as he had given one year back. I have yet to check this, without telling him that I consulted him a year back. I presume that it would be different readings of the nadi reader changer even if the same nadi grantha were consulted because I feel the person who reads is also involved in the process defending upon his experience.

Yes, I feel it would be so, when there is doubt about the decision for giving prediction, purely from astrology angle. That is why, it is said in sastras that the astrologers should follow the ethics and Dharamas to couple real excellent reasons along with the analysis following the astrological principles, so that the correct predictions would come out. So what is difference between these Nadi Astrologers and the other real good astrologers? I feel the former would purely use his training with Mantra or spirit without any astrological background.

Where as the other astrologer is answerable subsequent for his predictions, of course he can also escape saying that the birth.

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The nadi astrologers sued the Vakya Siddhanta for casting the horoscopes and some times the position of planets differ from what we get usually. One Tamil language expert told me that it is not possible to read the scripts understand. Some say that astrology is not a pure service. I feel that other sources i. It is true that no exact future can be told in astrology or even in other sciences when the space rockets burst in spite of lot of computer calcultions, experiments. Some Doubts and Questions In view of the above discussions, several doubts and questions which arise on Nadi Jyotish are consolidated here as far as possible at random:-What is the real origin of this Nadi Jyotish?

Are they really written by some Sages and only by professional astrologers? Are they the records of those born in earlier written on palm leaves in thosetimes? Why a right thumb impression for male and left for female is to be taken? In what language they were written originally? When were they translated into other languages? How many bundles of leaves are available in total? Is each set of leaves after some name of Nadi Jyotish is different? Is there really anything written on the leaves at all or something appear thenand there?

Is there any Mantra or some other means used by the Nadi astrologers? Is there any specific science written to get the birth chart and birth data fromthe thumb impressions? How the exact names can be told?

agastya rishi astrology mumbai Agastya rishi astrology mumbai
agastya rishi astrology mumbai Agastya rishi astrology mumbai
agastya rishi astrology mumbai Agastya rishi astrology mumbai
agastya rishi astrology mumbai Agastya rishi astrology mumbai
agastya rishi astrology mumbai Agastya rishi astrology mumbai

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