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One can solve all the problems from astrology and vastushashtra. My research is continue on herbal astrology and vastushashtra. I wrote books of vastushashtra and astrology. You can find my articles in various newspapers. We group of astrologers run sai vedic sanskriti kendra for research in vastushashtra and astrology. We perform various secret vedic worship with holy herbs things and chants for bad yogas and grahas in horoscope. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Role of Venus in married Life and astrology. Role of Mars in Marriage astrology. Panchak and Hindu Shashtra. Lal Kitab Sleepy Planets. Lal Kitab Remedies. Shani Sade Sati. Premius Shani Sade Sati Reports for you. How Shani Sade Sati Affect you? Priced at Rs. Second Step of Shani Sade Sati -.

Astrological Remedy for Mercury Through Donation.

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Mercury everyday during its transit to get favorable results. Remedies for Jupiter according to Astrology. Godhuli Muhurtha. Jupiter's Astrological Remedy by Chanting Mantra.

Guru Yantra this remedy is auspicious to build good financial status. Guru Yantra. Make this Yantra with the help of knowledgeable priest. Birth Chart in Jyotish. Remedies related to Planets Through Astrology. Remedies for Mars. Remedy for Mars Through Bathing.


Manglik Yoga in Astrological Chart. Boil belgiri in a water and mix in the bathing water as a Remedy for Mars. Astrological Remedy for Mars Through Donation. Recite Hanumana Chalisa for Mars positivity. Mars Astrological Remedy by Chanting Mantra. Mangal Yantra. If Planets giving inauspicious results during transit then the person should perform remedies for them.

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Remedy for Sun Through Bathing. Use curd for bathing as remedy for Moon. Astrological Remedy for Moon Through Donation. This the Vedic Mantra for Moon. Remedy by Establishment of Moon's Yantra. Chandra Yantra Chandra Yantra. Moon's Remedy Through Yajna. If planets give malefic results during transit then the person should perform remedies for their peace. Remedies for Malefic Sun :. Remedy by Establishment of Sun's Yantra. Use pomegranate quill to make this Yantra. Sun's Remedy Through Yajna. Other Combinations to perform Sun's Remedy.

Sun is afflicting sixth or seventh house by negative aspect. Graha in your Horoscope.

surya no shani rahu sathe ashubh kendra yog=rohit jivani

Surya, Mangal, Rahu and Chandra should be powerful. Role of Amatyakarak Graha. Powerful Amatyakarak Graha. Vish yoga is the combination of Sunday and Fourth tithi 2. If it is monday and tiithi is Shashti then it makes inauspicious Vish yoga 3. Come to know, What type of combination between day and tithi is necessary for Hutashana Yoga 1.

Twelveth , Dwadshi tithi when appear on Sunday, it generate Hutashana Yoga.

Combination of Navmi or Jupiter makes Hutashana yoga 6. Person who are take birth on balav tithi, they get good education , 3. Kaulav : Person who are take birth in Kaulav karna, they are sociable.

How is Jwalamukhi Yoga/ Jwalamukhi Dosha formed?

Person who are born in Taitl karna, they are fortunate , 5. Gar : As per the Astrology, native of Gar karan are laborious and hard working. Vanij : person who are born in Vanij karan, they are intelligent , : 7. Vishti : Vishti karna is not auspicious in. Nag : Nag karna is not auspicious in astrology.

Person who take birth in kinstughan karna are very Fortunate , 1. Manushya Gana : Astrology says, that person who are born in manushya Gana.

अद्भुत शुभ और अशुभ योग!!!

Devgana : , Person who take birth in Devgana, they have attribute of god " " ,. Seventh House If any planet is situated in seventh house from Vivah lagna or from moon then jamitra dosha appears If sun is in Seventh. House in marriage muhurta, there are chances that bride could be widow - In vivah muhurta, Mars is situated in Seventh house then chance of death of any one in Husband and Wife ,. If Mercury is situated in Seventh House it is bad for Child , ,.


Moon situated in seventh house or Jupiter is strong in marriage lagna. According to the Dwipushkar yoga in astrology you have to repeat work which you are doing , :. Hast Nakshatra 2. When Mrigashira Nakshatra appear on monday, it makes a combination of var and Nakshatra in consequence Amritsiddhi yoga is created 3. In transit when mars is in Ashwani Nakshatra it generates Amritsiddhi yoga 4 Combination of wednesday and Anuradha Nakshatra makes Amrtisiddhi yoga 5. In transit Kritika Nakshatra and Thursday make combination, it results in Amrtisiddhi yoga 6.

ashubh yog in astrology Ashubh yog in astrology
ashubh yog in astrology Ashubh yog in astrology
ashubh yog in astrology Ashubh yog in astrology
ashubh yog in astrology Ashubh yog in astrology
ashubh yog in astrology Ashubh yog in astrology
ashubh yog in astrology Ashubh yog in astrology

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