Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus

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Aries zodiac sign, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur , India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the astrological sign. For the astronomical constellation, see Aries constellation.

Aries and Taurus. The Zodiac. Categories : Fictional sheep Western astrological signs Mythological caprids. Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from May All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from January Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs Commons category link is on Wikidata. Still waters truly run deep, in this case.

When Venus and Neptune meet, a beautiful spiritual connection is made. Both of these celestial bodies vibrate with feminine energy. Together, they represent an idealistic relationship which borders on the divine.

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Jupiter adds its masculine energy to the combination; this Planet represents philosophy, expansion and excesses. These two Signs together can produce the kind of union both dream of; it may seem like heaven on Earth to both. The downside? This kind of heady, dreamy connection can be rooted in just that — dreams, illusions, fantasy. These two Elements are generally quite compatible, as both Water and Earth are tangible, physical entities. Are you ready to dive in?

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On March 15th, Mercury retrograde is conjunct the Sun at 24 degrees Pisces, which means a new Mercury cycle begins. A Mercury cycle lasts for about 4 months, so if you plan to do something that will require 4 months to complete, this is a good time to initiate it. Sun and Mercury are square Jupiter in Sagittarius. This time, you are confident and optimistic about the outcome. A positive mindset is proven to produce better outcomes and increase your chances of success.

On March 20th, Sun enters Aries. This is the beginning of a new astrological year, because the Sun starts a new journey around the zodiac. No matter where on the Earth you live, the day is equal to the night. March 20 will set the tone for the new astrological year. This year, the equinox point is conjunct Chiron.

This conjunction really stands out because it is very tight.

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Chiron is a symbol of holistic healing. This means that will be the year of holistic healing. No matter what needs healing in your life, in the coming year you have the chance to finally restore your balance and become whole again. Chiron is also a symbol for teachers, so you can expect to find a teacher that will stir your life in the right direction. On March 21th, we have a Full Moon in Libra. March transits are dynamite!

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You may know by now that a Full Moon alone is powerful enough — it basically represents the energetic peak of the month. If you start something when the Sun or the Moon is at one of these four cardinal degrees, then anything is possible.

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If you want healthy relationships Libra , you need to heal yourself first Sun conjunct Chiron. Instead of trying to find the right partner, work on becoming the right person. Find out who you really are and heal your sense of identity. From all Chiron transits, Chiron conjunct the Sun is perhaps the most significant one. Chiron has a special relationship with the Sun.

In the Greek myth, Chiron was adopted by Apollo the Greek name for the Sun who taught him everything he knew. Chiron was initially rejected by his parents, but it was the Sun who saved him. The Sun represents the Self, our divine mission. Chiron represents our primal wound, the wound of being born, the wound of existence. It is only by fully embracing ourselves, and our true purpose in life, that we can transcend the wound of existence and become whole.

Once you have accepted yourself, once you walk on the path of your destiny, wholeness is restored, and healing is instantaneous.

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On March 24th, Mercury is conjunct Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces. Neptune is the planet of mysteries, fogginess and illusion, and Mercury is retrograde. Neptune is also the planet that opens us to the infinite possibilities of our existence.

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On March 26th, Venus enters Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces , which means she is able to express herself at her best.

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With Venus in Pisces, beauty becomes art, love becomes compassion and universal values transcend personal concerns.

Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus
Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus
Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus
Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus
Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus
Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus
Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus
Astrology march 15 taurus or taurus

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