Astrology moon opposition mars

Sun enters Scorpio

Your bravery and fighting spirit make you very competitive and winning is important to you. Your instinct is simply to have what you want.

Moon Square/Opposition Mars ~ Big Shot

You take the shortest route to fulfill your desires and often forget to consider the needs of others. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of a situation, you will often win because of your passion and energy. Winning at any cost will come at a price and your intimate relationships suffer the most. The key to maintaining harmony in relationships is to choose your battles with more care and consideration. Always try to think before reacting and think about how your loved ones will be affected.

With some self-control, you can learn to live with some minor irritations. Cooperation and letting little things ride are not signs of weakness or defeat. You can apply your aggressive instincts and emotional energy into hard work and things you are passionately devoted to.

Moon/Mars ~ Hard Aspects

Because we are both the moon and the mars in this, is it likely that he bears similar feelings for me? Attached Images synastry. Last edited by Tutu; at AM. Not easy to handle. It should be reciprocal. Who's Saturn is this? Venuses are sextile, and it looks like the cancer sun is trine the two Uranus in conjunction. Thanks Jelena for your reply. Sorry, I forgot some details. I am the person inside. In the table below you can see our aspects. I would be thankful for some insights. My dilemma is: he does give signs that he is interested.

But he is married. My reading of the situation is that he is waiting for me to make the first decisive move, but at the same time, I am scared that I am making things up in my head and that I could just fall flat on my face if I did. But then again the next minute I think that the things that he does and says cannot at all be just for the sake of being friendly - I've been told by friends that they are definitely not.

I am very confused as to the nature of our interactions. That is a tricky situation because he can be a key person for me in my area and I would definitely want to develop a friendship with him, not only for professional reasons, of course, but because he is such a nice guy and we have a good intellectual exchange. On the other hand, if I show him that I am really interested but he rejects me I would feel so ashamed that I would not be able to look at his face again. Not so much for the rejection itself - I would be able to handle it with someone else, but by virtue of the dynamic of our interaction.

Moon Square or Opposite Mars

What would be a minor embarrassment with someone else is blown out of proportion with him. He has told me several times to keep in touch now that our collaboration is over. The last time we met he asked some more personal questions, which scared me a bit and I backed off; I would otherwise have taken the opportunity to open up a bit more and become more personal, but he intimidates me so much that it feels that he will get to know more than I am willing to disclose.

I want him so much and it hurts so bad that he is married. But I would at least like to be certain that he feels something similar to what I feel. Attached Images sinastry. Originally Posted by ElenaJ. It containts our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. I can testify to the pitfalls of Venus square Neptune in synastry.

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Mars conjunct Venus between two charts will create strong physical attraction. Saturn in synastry is where the glue will be applied. Chiron by conjunction in relationship synastry can bring great attraction and common interests, then sudden, inexplicable and bizarre reversals - the potential for mutual growth is enormous if the parties don't destroy each other and themselves in the process. Interesting writing. You were engaged in warfare with a Mars-neptune link. Tagged: astrology blog, elizabeth taylor and richard burton, elizabeth taylor and richard burton synastry, marss square pluto synastry, moon conjunct neptune synastry, moon opposing mercury synastry, moon opposing sun synastry, pluto trine mercury, pluto trine moon, pluto trine sun, richard burton, venus in the 3rd house.

Subsequently, if you have more glue than nice aspects, your house will feel restrictive, too small, inhibiting. We also have a grand trine in our composite chart: Ascendant, Jupiter in 9th conjunct MH , and Sun-Venus-Neptune conjunction in the 5th. Couples who share this synastry are so in tune with each other that they share a psychic shorthand. So crazy! Also, we both have jupiter conjunct our own IC in the 3rd.

The source of emotional peace and security for a person in the world, the moon is immeasurably important in a natal chart as well as a synastry chart overlay.

I have had very bad experiences with the Leo moon. Moon, Mars and Venus are all significant in the husband's chart, more so than the wife's, as indicators of marriage: 6 of 8 Often occurrences for the Moon, 7 of 10 Often occurrences for Venus, and 8 of 10 Often occurrences for Mars are aspects to the husband's natal planet. Mars- 5th House. For example, my last husband, now ex, my Sun was conjunct his Moon. Neptune Opposite Ascendant: There are often peculiar circumstances where marriage or partnership is concerned, but if this is the only negative aspect to Neptune, your relationships will be based on spiritual ideals, otherwise confusion and deception will abound.

You also have to take a periodic break from pursuing your own "hopes and wishes. A marvelous, magnetic but brief love affair: venus-uranus conjunction, sextile or trine. This is a very difficult comparative combination for most relationships.

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This is especially powerful if the woman is the Moon person, and the man is the Sun person. With a copy of each person's horoscope and a listing of each person's planet in signs data in hand, begin plotting the planetary symbols on the chart of partner.

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  7. I take it we're talking about Black Moon Lilith. That would be bad enough. So I check dna in their synastry after learning that it might be pinpoint our own genetic "potential" and it turns out the father's dna conjunct his daughter's sun 3 and venus 1. In this video I will tell you more about hot aspect in synastry - Venus and Pluto. Thus his Saturn squared my Moon, his Saturn squared my Pluto.

    By sign, house, and aspect, the moon in a natal chart is the truest representation of a person's emotional self. These aspects are intense, passionate and explosive at times. Moon in astrology means emotions, and moods. Venus Mars Synastry. Other example, my sister, when she was a child, was considered a mini-version of my mother by everyone. You are both very sensitive to each other and may prefer to spend much of your time alone and away from it all. The Vertex and Anti-Vertex in Synastry When your Vertex is contacted by another person's planet or point, a fated relationship is indicated.

    If his Neptune touches your Sun, initially you will feel big and bad and full of confidence. He may perceive you as temptress, appealing, dark, mysterious, irresistible, and able to control his emotions, to seduce and even consume him. Jupiter-neptune points out your teacher from the past. I have moon opposition pluto, but also moon trine neptune, moon conjunct venus, venus trine neptune, pluto sextile neptune Highly psychic tendencies.

    This aspect shows a Harmonic influence , which means that it presents similarities, opportunities to share and compatible behavioral patterns. The most serious relationship of my life so far included this aspect as well as Moon square Neptune although at a fairly wide orb — unfortunately, I didn't know nearly as much about astrology then as I do now. Want know if moon.

    The moon represents our emotional nature, our security and deepest needs. Sun trine or sextile Mercury: This is essentially the same as the conjunction. The native can tend to be a bit of a "know it all", and the degree to which this is a benefit or a drawback may be indicated by the number of supportive versus challenging aspects. I am not making this up. But these people also come out strong and having developed thick skin, and have pride in the strength it took to endure the dark times in their lives.

    The Moon person is sensitive to the Neptune person's dreams and idealizations, while the Neptune person provides unconditional love and understanding to the Moon person. It depends if this is a man or a woman we're talking about. In the world of celebrity, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are a Hollywood couple whose marriage has defied the usual odds. You may give up on them temporarily, and lack belief in yourself.

    Your self confidence may take a nose dive. Moon conjunct Venus Synastry relationship. However, if your partner's planets here help to boost your success in the world and improve your public image, a loving appreciation of them for the help they offer here, can lead to a successful, long-term relationship. Vertex-Moon Connections in Synastry.

    Moon Opposite Mars (Synastry)

    And once I took a look at our synastry I noticed a few things. Just another 8th house wonder; uranus and pluto in virgo trine moon in cap,12th house, sextile neptune in scorpio 11th house,trine mercury in taurus in the 4th house.

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