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Like everything else about Saturn, it projects a tremendous amount of immobility and solidity. While these may seem like good things, they can also be sources of oppression. Saturn, after all, is an oppressive mythological figure. The same is true when it comes to psychologies governed by Saturn. They can be so fixed in their ways that they lose sight of the fact that their conclusions, however formidable they may seem on the surface, ultimately resting on shaky foundations. I know this is scary, but if you allow yourself to be wrong, you would be able to embrace your ability to learn.

Once you look at life in terms of basic principles, you would be able to set new foundations for that tremendously powerful personality you have.

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You have a tremendous capacity to turn ideas into reality. The reason why the earth is colored blue is partly because it sustains life. Meditate on this fact because you have a lot of life to give if you are able to overcome certain oppressive mindsets. The luckiest numbers for people born on the 15 th of January are 4, 13, 16, 28, 47, and Being born on 15th January makes these people born under the star sign Capricorn, which is a star sign that excels at long term planning and sticking to their guns.

With that in mind, the person born within the 15th January zodiac has a superb grasp of the long term ramifications of their goals and dreams — yet often find that their plans are disrupted or overthrown by seemingly random events of bad luck. In many instances these can seem devastating, but it all ties in to how the 15th January soul sees the world.

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