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Really, I have noticed that a variety of experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology have in their horoscopes the so-called "burnt" Varuna i. Varuna is also related to water and air elements. Many circumnavigations etc. Strong Varuna goes into the charts of natural disasters such as the air hurricanes or the tsunami rather often. For example:. On June 9, - in the second half of the day, during the most precise conjunction of Varuna with the Sun, tornados passed through Moscow, Kalinin, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Kostroma regions.

On June 27, during the conjunction of the Sun with Varuna, an earthquake occurred in Turkey with the force of 6. The disaster took more than a hundred lives and about one thousand people were wounded. Varuna - as the symbol of the borders of our world - is connected with the theme of death the fans of "astrological horror" can begin to rub their hands , but the death of a special kind: causing large response among populace or happening before the eyes of many people - according to the Russian adage "na miru i smert' krasna" roughly speaking - "beneath people's eyes even to die is good".

The explosion of "Challenger" in , which was seen by millions of shocked spectators in live program, is a solid example. Characteristically, this configuration is present in the horoscope of the Chernobyl emergency too - with the difference that here the most exact aspect was from Uranus to Nessus orb 2' , emphasizing the theme of unexpected poisonings caused by the products of the industry. Another example is the murder of president Kennedy. Transiting Pluto on that day was in the exact opposition to natal Varuna. Transiting Varuna was in the exact quincunxes to the natal Ascendant in Libra and transiting Venus, ruler of the 1st and the 8th houses.

I remind you, that Mercury in the natal chart of J. Kennedy, is the dispositor of the Sun and is situated in the 8th house in conjunction with Mars. Already this would allow us to guess the reason for the president's death. But if we take into account transits of Varuna, the date of death is precisely visible: Kennedy was shot on the absolutely exact conjunction of Varuna with the natal Mercury!

But these cases are not a sufficient basis to emphasize attention only to the negative side of the manifestations of Varuna. As it was already noticed, the given planet accounts for popularity, the aspiration to shine before the public - and consequently a strong Varuna frequently becomes apparent in the horoscopes of rather popular people, being shown quite positively.

Many stars of the movies and show business are indebted for their destiny to this planet.

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And I notice, that even with hard aspects Varuna can be treated as a "good planet". Let us say, if we compare the horoscopes of the two most famous top models - Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer , we shall see the presence of an exact major aspect of Varuna with the Sun in both charts. But in the case of Naomi this is a conjunction, whereas Claudia has Varuna in an exact square to the Sun and the Moon's Nodes. Let's draw the preliminary conclusions.

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It is doubtless, that Varuna is an active, masculine planet. Through Varuna we do not perceive the world, but on the contrary - we aim to make an impression on it. For example, from the horoscopes of the musicians it is seen, that this planet hardly speaks about musical abilities, but indicates a capability to get abroad and the ways of achievement of popularity. Varuna is connected with various social activities, shows, show business, film industry, striking scenes of military battles, sport heats, unique continuous flights and so on.

I think it would be interesting to take "The Guiness Book of records" and to see the transits on dates when different records were cracked. I feel, that Varuna would be shown in such charts.

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In general, many characteristics of Varuna can rather adequately be presented as a combination of developments of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. For example, let's look at the chart of Adolf Hitler. In his horoscope Varuna takes a very strong position: it is in an exact conjunction with the IC in Aquarius and forms an exact trine to Pluto in the 8th house:. Besides, as Varuna is disposed in the deepest point of his chart, it is confirming, that these aspirations were the basis of Hitler's life position and were formed on the racial theory. And the trine to Pluto in the 8th house does not require any comments.

Varuna was also on the IC in the horoscope of another famous character of the German military-political history - Bismark. But in his case Varuna formed an exact square to Mars in the 6th house that once again illustrates the idea: not each trine is good, not each square is bad. Well, the square of Varuna is a very interesting aspect.

There is an impression, that in the squares the effect of this planet is the most appreciable - and not always negative.

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To all appearances, the squares of Varuna in the natal astrology mean a challenge, which cannot be bypassed by the native. It is this way concerning the oppositions too. Hard aspects of Varuna expose a problem in the sphere of the aspected planet, emphasize the necessity of development in its sphere, clearly accentuate this planet, giving the urge to become famous, bring out actively advanced qualities of this planet. So, the famous actor and dancer Fred Astaire had in his horoscope a square of Varuna to the Sun in the 5th house - and he showed his creative beginning very brightly.

A very exact square of Varuna with the Sun is in the natal chart of Antonio Banderas. An identical square is in the horoscope of the Italian actor and singer Adriano Celentano. Another famous actor, Jeff Bridges , was born with an exact square of Varuna to Jupiter in the 5th house, and he won his way to Hollywood, too. A favorite of the women all over the world, Marlon Brando , has Varuna in the square with Jupiter too, but this time it stands in the 1st house. We can see a square of Varuna with Venus in charts of such famous people of art as the conductor Herbert von Karajan and the writer Theodor Dreiser.

The opposition of Venus and Varuna is present in the horoscope of the famous pianist Ghenrikh Neygauz Heinrich Neuhaus. In the chart of Gennady Khazanov the most prominent Russian comedian actor Varuna is in an exact square to Saturn, and this actor tirelessly "lashes the defects of society" in general, a comic dower frequently astrologically relates to Saturn; it's not so strange as it may appear to the beginning astrologer. The natal chart of Honore de Balzac is very indicative too. In this chart Varuna stands on the cusp of the 3rd house in an exact quincunx to stationary Mercury near the MC.

But such an unambiguous importance of the hard aspects of Varuna does not mean that the influence of the soft aspects of this planet were ineffectual.

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By illustration, I offer a small list of Varuna's positions in the natal charts of the celebrities of the theatre and cinema usually I use an orb with the limit of three degrees , except for those who are already listed above:. Lubov Orlova the great Soviet cinema actress in the Stalin times had an exact natal conjunction of Varuna with the Sun in Aquarius.

Mark Rozovskiy a contemporary stage director has a conjunction of Varuna with the Sun in Aries. Alain Delon: an exact conjunction of Varuna with the Moon in Aries. Roger Vadim the French film director : an exact conjunction of Varuna with the Moon, the ruler of the MC, in the 6th house.

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  • Peter Fonda: a conjunction of Varuna with Venus in the 10th house. Smoktunovskiy the prominent Russian actor : a conjunction of Varuna with Uranus in Pisces. Marilyn Monroe: a conjunction of Varuna with Uranus in the 8th house in Pisces. Romy Schneider: a conjunction of Varuna with Saturn and Hylonome. Woody Allen: Varuna is in the 8th house, in an exact trine with the Sun in the 4th house, and in square with Pholus in the 5th house.

    Steven Spielberg has Varuna in the 10th house, in exact trines to the Sun and Lilith in the 6th house.

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    Henry Fonda : Varuna on the cusp of the 6th house is in an exact trine with the Moon. Ginger Rodgers: Varuna in the 10th house in Pisces is in an exact trine with Jupiter in the 5th house. Bette Midler : Varuna is the sole planet in the 1st house in Aries , in an exact square with Saturn in the 4th house and quincunx with Venus in the 8th. Robert Redford: Varuna is the sole planet in the 1st house in Aries , in trine with Jupiter in the 9th house. Gregory Peck: Varuna in the 10th house trines Saturn in the 2nd house.

    Alfred Hitchcock: an exact trine of Varuna with Pluto and an exact sextile with Saturn: Varuna near the 8th house cusp unlocks the opposition between Pluto and Saturn. Charlie Chaplin: Varuna is in the 3rd house in Aquarius, in an exact trine with Pluto in the 7th, in quintile with Mercury in the 5th. But in the destiny of the film actress Sharon Tate a strong Varuna has played an anything but pleasant role.

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