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Give it time. Wait till you can make out the bare bones of it before you speak. Grab every wonderful opportunity the cosmos sends your way this week. Guard your heart and your wallet Thursday 14 th - Friday 15 th. You might misjudge the situation. Nor are all promises given in earnest. Need some heavenly advice? See yourself walking through your life in this great company, handling everything that comes your way. Though you may be very busy, there is an opportunity for you to move into a higher awareness.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Akashic Force : With a deep breath, you fill yourself with the grace, peace, and light of your higher self. Your vision also opens to a wider Universe and you realize that you have all the time and power in the world.


Evening The Queen of Roses : This card shows a beautiful woman with roses in her hair and all around her. It represents a loving connection. Therefore, a relationship with someone you know may deepen and become more meaningful. Be open to the connection because there can be a happy resolution to a difficulty with family, a friend or a love relationship.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading - Michele Knight

Akashic Force : Step into the energy of the Queen of Roses and get to know the caring power and gentle temperament. Then feel compassion fill you and notice your desire to bring a loving embrace to yourself and to the world. The riches and fulfillment are certainly pouring back into your hands. Akashic Force : Go within and feel filled with all the gifts you have to share with the world.

Sense those energies pouring through your heart and mind and out to those around you too. All that you give flows back to you.

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Evening The Queen of Keys : A Queen dressed in a gown of rich colors and textures stands atop the tower of her great castle. She represents a woman of authority.

https://anacmoce.gq She is sensitive, helpful, and thoughtful too. The Queen can also represent you or another who is about to climb the ladder of success.

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  • Possible careers in banking or real estate come to mind with the appearance of this card. Akashic Records : Feel this Queen beside you and sense the support she has for you. She is certainly ready to give you a key for your own life. Just take this key now, sense what it means, and how it feels too. You can certainly move mountains and lift yourself to new heights.

    It will also make you ready to take action with confidence and peace.

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    There are many options for you to consider, and you should certainly take a look at them all. The Princess of Cups tells us we are entering a more nurturing and creative time with ourselves. We feel protective of our own peace and want to nourish this energy in any way possible. If there is a place or activity in our life where we feel calm and relaxed we will be especially dawn to it.

    We will look for ways to repeat peaceful practices as much as possible.

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    In this restorative place, we will be able to think clearly about what we wish for the most. We will be able to envision a future that reflects what is in our hearts. We will emerge with clarity on how to move forward. Yoga, creating art, time alone, or any quiet time will feel right on this week. We are craving these activities and we should give in to these cravings. The Queen of Wands represents our fiery side. She shows us how we contain many layers and need all the elements to be a full human being.

    She is the spark inside of us. She is the energy that makes us both a loyal friend and a worthy adversary.

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