Zodiac city taurus compatibility

Taurus Gemini Love Compatibility

However, Taureans have a way of putting up a very deceiving front, and will often keep all of their sad and dark feelings inside of them in order to maintain their nonchalance. Taureans often suffer from heartbreak behind closed doors, and they can feel so intensely that they shut down completely when rejected or mourning the loss of love. When you have a Taurus as a best friend, they are the perfect travel buddy.

They will never say no to a road trip of a fun little beach vacation. A Taurus will bring to your friendship their calm nature, and they will give the best advice. Their ambition and their creativity will inspire you, and ignite your passions. The great thing about a Taurean best friend is that they will appreciate you and accept you for your faults, rather than judging you for them.

The most impressive thing for a Taurus is someone who is simply just honest and real.

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They hate fake people. They love reliable presences in their life, and will respect those who are not flakey. Gain huge points with a Taurus by letting them do their thing, at their own pace — they hate to be rushed, and really appreciate people who let them take their time. A Taurus will never blow up on you right away. When mad, they will often give you subtle, passive aggressive hints. They will become silent and cold, keeping everything in until it boils over and causes them to explode with emotions. Physical creatures, they often use their body a lot, pacing and waving their hands, exhausting themselves in an angry fit.

When sad a Taurus will isolate themselves. They will turn to binge eating and sleeping, and they will always play the victim in any situation. This allows for them to further turn into their comforts, and justify their descent into negative indulgence.

A Taurus is happiest when they are eating good food. A simple night in with someone they love, eating treats and watching movies, is something they cherish. A Taurus holds within them extraordinary potential, and they are extremely strong individuals. They take life as it comes, and always find a way to roll with the punches. They are kind, very friendly, intelligent, funny creatures who hold within them a rare and beautiful sensitivity. They are revered by many different groups of people and are impressively creative.

A Taurus has a tendency to deny any and all responsibility when it comes to tough situations or problems. They never want to deal with anything, and will ignore their faults. This causes a lot of anxiety for them, and creates more problems in the long run because they are always taking the easy way out. A Taurus is very grounded and reliable, they crave harmony in their life.

Therefore, they are terrified of being outside of their comfort zone, and they fear inconsistency the way some people fear physical things like snakes or spiders.


The idea of being challenged comfort wise causes acute problems for a bull, like chest pain, and emotional meltdowns. A Taurus is a very steadfast and stable human being. They work extremely hard when it comes to guaranteed payoffs like vacations, benefits, and great job security and salaries. They are determined, honest, and patient when they need to be, and they have a great approach to solving problems.

Dependable and great leaders, Taureans would make amazing educators, lawyers, and designers. Because they are creative and love material things, they are often known to be very successful working with food, jewelry and other luxury items. Ruled by the throat, Taureans often suffer from throat infections, goiters and problems with their thyroid.

Astrology: The artful science behind zodiac compatibility and soulmated love.

An ideal vacation for a Taurus involves comfort. They need to be pampered, taken care of, and they also need to experience delicious food and beautiful surroundings. Taking your Taurus to wine country and booking out a swanky hotel room, complete with spa and room service, would be an amazing vacation idea because it compliments every aspect of a Taurean personality. A Taurus is a very sensual learner. Therefore, they need a multitude of educational aids, like music, video, taste, touch and smell.

They are very hands on, and learn by being exposed to the actual material they are learning about, rather than just reading about it in a textbook. A Taurus is very observational. They never have a problem with laughing at themselves, and are often the first to make a witty joke about something they did or a blunder they experienced. A Taurus loves to go on adventures, write, and act. However, they also love to do makeup and can often be found perusing the internet in need of tutorials and fun things to try out. Some people might call you stubborn, but you simply just know what you believe in, and that is rare these days.

Venus loves somatic delight, affection and love.

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Mercury on the other hand has a lot of vigor thus Gemini will take advantage of the necessary energy at a given time. Taurus wants to be loved and taken care off thus they are emotionally needy. Gemini will learn how to love eventually and this will turn into a happy Taurus Gemini relationship.

Taurus Love Compatibility: Taurus Sign Compatibility Guide!

Taurus and Gemini in bed have an exciting sex life. After sometime they are used to each other and want to explore.

Taurus Love Compatibility

This means they are sexually active both in and out of the bedroom. Taurus sexually brings love and affection while Gemini sexually comes with vigor and energy. This makes there love making an amazing experience and they have sex more often than not. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Taurus and Gemini soul mates are both love going to big events. Here the Taurean will want to be very close to Gemini. They will hold hands to show everyone their romantic connection.

This means infidelity is rare as both value their relationship and will do everything to make it grow. The potential of the Taurus Gemini love compatibility is unlimited and they will go to great lengths to maintain harmony between them. Taurus and Gemini compatibility is known to be very successful for business ventures. They are very committed to being rich and financial sharks.

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They want to maintain their Ferrari and continue visiting the gallery for the best paintings. They will forget their lives to focus on a project which will put them in the corner office. This Taurus-Gemini couple will rise up the corporate ladder faster than most star signs in the Zodiac.

The good news is that Gemini is good at adapting. This makes them come off as boring and inactive while the Twin seems impulsive and less serious. This means that the two can pick at each other and change their attitudes towards issues. Taurus will show Gemini the importance of taking things seriously and Taurus will have to learn to be more spontaneous so as to enjoy life.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Taurus represents Earth while Gemini is symbolic of Air.

Taurus and Leo Love Compatibility

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zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
zodiac city taurus compatibility Zodiac city taurus compatibility
Zodiac city taurus compatibility

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